Thoughts on the new Smart SDO from Centurion Systems.

I love the innovation and all the new gadgets this company is offering. It’s just we live in a country with no power, no signal, poor data connectivity and, did I mention no power?

I installed one of these smart motors, Installation wen fine, until I had to set it up to run for the 1st time. It took over an hour of retry, re-connect re- re re re re everything to update the firmware via the app, why did it take so long? Well, there was very little phone signal – I managed but what a waste of installer time.

Maybe I missed something or on how to set up the machine without the app, but still. A considerate amount of time waisted. I guess this SDO4 Smart garage door motor will be the bomb in a country that is not South Africa.

What I’m trying to maybe say is, Please make a version suitable for South Africa.