In General

Safety is IMPORTANT and one should be responsible for ones own. A1 will not be held liable for any loss or damage on site.
Site must be clean, accessible and obstruction free. 

Pets MUST be contained at all times. Vehicles parked at safe distance to avoid damage and obstruction.

Manufacturer: The company responsible for the for the product warranties and customer support
Installer: The company/person responsible for the installation of products (in this case A1 Gate Motor
Services: duties performed on behalf of customers, Expenses and labor for these services will be open invoice and for the customer’s account.

Any Battery, Batteries, standby systems, tension and or torsion spring coils , rubbers.


Terms and conditions

Electrical situation on site – failure to disclose any outages or problems will result in additional charges to the client’s account.

Prices found on this website should be used as ref only.
Product information and technical data on this website is used as reference only and should be confirmed with the manufacturer prior to installation. 

Outside of scope, changes / add-ons / “gou-gou” / “while here” / will be billed at set labor rate and expenses will be for the customer’s account

Estimates & Quotes | Resolving and Issue | How to compare

Animals / Pets / Children to be held clear from installation area and not cause distraction.

Damage Reports
To be paid in cash to the inspecting technician – Reports are emailed to the client along with payment receipt.

GSM Devices & Mobile Apps:
We do not do software installations or device setups. Manufacturers will have a full user support system available

Operating hours are: Mon to Fri: 8am to 5pm

Phone: +27826867662 Email: Office Address: Unit 38, Kiepersol, 592 Theuns Van Niekerk str, Rooihuiskraal North, Centurion, 0157 Mail us for further clarification at updated: 20/06/2022

Installer Duties & Disclaimer

A1 Gate Motor is not a registered business, temporary staff and sometimes contractors who assumes responsibility on their own behalf, ALWAYS.