Best Gate Motor in South Africa

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To answer that you need to ask yourself why? What is the single one reason you are looking to purchase a gate motor?

  • Safety?
  • Comfort?
  • Showing off?
  • Because neighbor has one?
  • Eskom?

The best gate motor available in the South Africa? Let’s Compare some stuff from manufacturers.

Domestic market

  • Max gate weight rated 500kg*
  • Battery back up.
  • 12vdc System
  • 20 or so operations per day

Consider the following when shopping for a Gate Motor

How long is the warranty?12 electronic / 24 mechanical1224
Do they offer a swap out for repairs?nonoyes
Are parts easy find?yesnoyes
Is it well documented?so soso soexcellent
Do they offer training for installer to install your product?noyesw certification
Part replacement cost comparison (battery charger)R457.00R190.70R718.10
How often do you need to replace the battery? (est in months)18 – 2412-1812 -18
Price for a Remote (est 4 btn)R210.00R295.00R365.00
Built in obstruction sensing methodforce detectionelectro mechanicaloptical and force detection
prices are estimated and does not include installation or delivery

Now that you are familiar with the manufacturers, let’s look at over complicated expensive problematic functions.

As an experienced installer I picked up the following

….[to be continued]

Now make your decision. Hope this helped ~ Ask me should you have any other Questions Ask Now

The Apex Predator of Gate Motors

The Apex Predator of

The Apex predator


It is not often that the worlds of natural science and access automation meet, but I do think that I have, quite by accident, found a parallel.

It was while channel surfing recently, perhaps sub-consciously scouring for material for our next blog post, that I happened upon a show about apex predators, and it got me thinking about our tried, tested and perfected sliding gate motor, the D5-Evo.

Here is something that has been designed to be the absolute best in its class: purpose-built, tenacious and completely unstoppable.


So what exactly is an apex predator?

Apex predators have been defined as predators with no natural predators of their own, thus residing at the very top of its food chain. To me, that sums up the D5-Evo perfectly. This superior sliding gate motor exists in a world of many competing operators, each vying for a place at the top of the access automation food chain, each snapping at the ankles of the powerful D5-Evo – the apex predator – but never really finding purchase. The D5-Evoremains the dominant operator.

It’s a bold claim, I know. So let’s take a quick look at why the D5-Evo is the saltwater crocodile (or tiger, or killer whale) of the access automation arena.


Lets have a look at the D5’s specs

1. Advanced diagnostics

This feature goes a long way towards establishing our benchmark motor as the undisputed alpha dog in its pack. A futuristic LCD display provides detailed information on everything from the battery and charger voltage to the amount of current being drawn when the gate is in motion to the ID number of the last remote pressed.

2. Intruder-detection Alarm Modes

We’ve written a great deal about this functionality, and with good reason. Enable the Break-in Alarm, and you’ll be notified the moment that someone loiters in front of your gate thanks to the controller’s on board alarm being triggered. Similarly, the Ambush Alarm will notify you should the beams remain interrupted for a pre-defined period of time, so criminals won’t get away with sticking insulation tape over the beam lenses. Remember, you have the apex predator standing guard!

Centsys. “D5-Evo: The Apex Predator of Gate Motors” March 01, 2013 Accessed April 24, 2019.

3. Multiple operating features

One characteristic of an apex predator is that it has evolved to adapt remarkably well to its environment. In much the same fashion, we have designed the D5-Evo to be fully configurable to suit any site conditions. From adjustable ramp-up and ramp-down distances, to Positive Close Mode and ultra-safe collision sensitivity, the D5-Evo is the master of its environment.

4. Onboard timer technology

This feature is one of my favourites. Those of you with a working knowledge of ancient Greek will know that the word “chronos” means of or related to time, and it makes a fitting prefix to our built-in, ultra-advanced timer technology known as ChronoGuard. ChronoGuard allows you to set automatic activation for certain times of the day, month or year and even includes a time-barring feature whereby certain inputs can be barred from working after hours, during public holidays, etc. This is absolutely groundbreaking functionality as far as the marriage of access automation and perimeter security goes.