Rising gate motor theft in Centurion Suburbs.

Gate motor theft on the rise in Centurion.

Sliding gate motors are not cheap and they have excellent 2nd hand value.

The Centurion D5 is the most popular with skelms, a Security bracket aka Anti theft bracket can be fitted. The slightly older version bracket can easily be manipulated. If you (like me) cannot afford to fork out more money nowadays. There is a cheaper yet effective way – If the Opportunist can’t see your motor he will not be tempted. A big flat sheet on the gate to hide sight from street dwellers.

Insurance claims – NOT all insurance companies will cover it. – So please check with yours, perhaps you will need to specify it with them. It’s also good to do so with thunderstorm season around the corner.

Be safe out there till next time.

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  • Naas says:

    Gate Motor theft is very strange indeed.

    Price on a second hand motor is not the type of money to risk some jail time over unless getting away with it is a sure thing not being caught. I personally think that 95% of burglaries comes from inside information. These incidents take place in brought day light. These criminals are skilled and they know what they are doing, bribing the maid a weeks salary gets them free access and even maybe the key to undo the security bracket.

    The wrong padlock on a security bracket can be wedged apart with nothing more than 2x 17mm ring spanners – the same size then used to undo the bolts anchoring the motor to the baseplate.

    Another trick they pull is to program one of their remotes onto the motor during a call out service repair. Wait a few weeks and go remove the motor in a time period they know the (ex-client) is not home. Also while removing the motor will not be questioned by ADT patrolling because they mos a company fixing.

    There are some nasty people out there – Make sure you know the person entering your premises. Especially to work on your security – They might do a free call out but believe me your will pay in the end.

    Well that’s my 2c – Be safe.

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