RDO II Centurion Roll up Garage Door Motor

The Centurion RDO II is a domestic roll up garage motor. A 24V DC high-torque motor, operates so quietly you’ll have to check for the motor to make sure it is actually there! With the RDO II roll up garage motor you are “loadshedding” safe. Not even power outages can close you down. Its reliable battery backup will keep you coming and going like there’s no tomorrow. All this opening and closing had better be safe and secure. Utilising CENTURION’s ultra-secure code-hopping remote controls, and coupled with its anti-crushing sensitivity , the RDO II has you covered.

The main features the RDO II Centurion motor brags with is:

  • Battery backup.
  • Strong lifting capability.
  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Anti-crushing protection.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Wall-mounted controller with Courtesy Light.
  • Onboard multi channel code-hopping receiver: – Open/close garage door. – Switch Courtesy Light on and off. – Override automatic closing. – Electronically lock the system for added security.
  • Compatible with CENTURION infrared safety beams.

More on the technical data. The input voltage is 220 – 240V +/- 10%, 50Hz. Additionally it an operate off a solar supply, consult Centurion Systems for assistance.
Motor Voltage is 24V DC. The motors power supply is battery driven, 2x 1.2A/H Batteries. The great thing about the RDO II is you can upgrade the batteries for longer power failure autonomy. Opener Lifting force is 30kgf. The door travelling speed is an astonishing 100mm – 150mm/sec. Duty Cycle – Mains Present (based on a pull force of less than 50% of rated) 20% based on 25°c ambient temperature. The daily operations is max 20. The Maximum Door Size is 6m² – (max width 2.8m). The onboard Receiver specifications is as follow: CENTURION code-hopping, 433MHz, capacity – 36 transmitter buttons. Only 1 button per transmitter is used.

Installer Comments: Unspecified

Source: Centsys. “RDO II” Dec 2, 2016 Accessed October 08, 2019. https://www.centsys.co.za/rdo-ii/

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