fits Centurion D5 Evo

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Installation Conditions

Installation is based on the following.

  1. Address is within 30km from Centurion CBD.
  2. Power source installed and functional
  3. No pipes or electrical cables are in the way of the intended installation
  4. Enough space is available for the gate or door operator with the gate or door in the required open position
  5. Soil condition for baseplate or ceiling mounting is solid.
  6. Gate or Door mass, length and application is within the operator specifications
  7. Gate or Door is in good working order, meaning:
    7.1 that it moves freely, does not move on its own if left in any position
    7.2 it can be installed to have sufficient clearance between moving parts when opening
    and closing to reduce the risk of personal injury and entrapment
    7.3 pushbuttons or key switches, when required, can be positioned so that the gate is in line of sight of the operator (motor)

D5 Evo Security Bracket


fits Centurion D5 Evo