How long do gate motors last?

Life Cycle

Manufacturers do really put in great effort to determine how long a gate motor will ast out in the real world. For this they make use of the life expectancy of various electrical components and combine it with the mechanical parts and the life expectancy alike. Word like should would could are words I don’t often use.

This is measured in operations and not in years or in time format.


Anybody can go on the internet and see if they can find answers, I do it myself but I think users are expecting way to much from it. And why would’t they. When looking for answers please make sure to look at more results than only the top of the page.

Collecting Data

I will be collecting data on the life expectency of equipment, real lif data from each replace installation. This will Take some time but will be well worth it.

Gate Motors I replaced

  • Centurion D5 -10 years
  • Centurion D5 Evo – 6 years (due to poor installation, fly by night installers increased)
  • Gemini 220v – 20 + years
  • Gemini 12vdc SEL Model – 10 years

Longevity of gate motors depends on the installation.

Inexperienced and or unqualified “technicians” can decrease gate motor life by 75%

Here are some images of poor workmanship – these are all repair I have done when called to repair the gate motor. Turns out everything else needed repair 1st.