Gate Motor Thief Caught on Camera – Pta North Rekord

The theft of gate motors is on the rise in Pretoria North, says resident Piet van Niekerk.

To prove his point, he recently shared images showing a young thief stealing the battery of his gate motor. They were captured from security footage.

“On Sunday, the security camera outside my house captured this man walking past my house twice before stealing the battery of the gate motor,” said the 74-year-old Van Niekerk.

“He broke the lock off the box, opened the motor and removed its battery in a matter of minutes.”

Van Niekerk said the same man returned the following day “with a friend”.

“I recognised the thief immediately and went outside to confront them,” said Van Niekerk.

“His friend did the talking and said his chum (thief) was not allowed to walk around on his own as he is a recovering drug addict.”

Van Niekerk said he did not report the men to the police, but wanted to warn other residents to remain on the lookout for them.

“The man who had stolen the battery I bought for R280, probably sold it for a R40 dagga joint,” said Van Niekerk.

“I think the real criminals are the drug dealers supplying these young men with drugs.”

Last month police said that theft of gate motors remained a problem in Pretoria North.

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