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On the 28th of February, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) published its revised End-user and Subscriber Service Charter regulation (Notice 233 of 2018), which requires all South African mobile network operators to implement new “out-of-bundle” rules by 12 April 2019. However, certain operators have already started with the process of implementation.

How this affects you

As a G-WEB and/or G-REMOTE user, you will no longer be able to perform synchronisations or, in the case of the mobile app, carry out control functions using normal airtime. For data connections to be established and communication to take place, SIM cards must be loaded with active data bundles.

ICASA has specified an alternative to the above whereby it is possible to opt-in to use airtime for data connections; however, the respective networks have yet to publish the mechanisms for doing so.

CENTURION will equip affected products and services with the requisite functionality once it has been made available by the network operators.

In the interim, to ensure uninterrupted use of G-WEB and G-REMOTE services, you are advised to purchase a data bundle through G-WEB or via an online banking platform.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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