A1 Gate Motor would like to hear from you!


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read and interact with Us today.

Let me start off my saying that every paying customer deserves excellent service.

As a small business owner for the past 12 odd years I still feel there is room for improvement and growth.

I make use and keep track of all the latest apps and gadgets that can possibly contribute to my efforts towards betterment service.

I would like to hear from you today – Any thing you would like to see more or even less of when it comes to service delivery.

When you the “customer” esquire and make use of a service Repair technician – What is you expectation? And please no matter how silly you think it is, please share with a comment  –

Help me improve my service – The sense of pride I go through when I see a “Happy” and “Relieved” customer is unexplainable.

Thank you in advance – JV Venter

| Business Owner  | Manager | Technician | Administrator | IT Technician | Marketing Scholar


  • Terence Rule says:


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    Dan Martin

  • Jan says:

    Thank you but no thank you,

    SEO in progress – Like you know it takes time to show results.

    I will contact you in 4 weeks if I could not get my generic search position up.

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