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ET DC Blue Advanced Roll Up Garage door motor kit product review

ET Systems is really improving on product Quality and Affordability.

The new ET DC Blue Roll up kit Impressed me the 1 st time I installed it. One of the better improvements to this kit will be the Illumination from 3 very bright on board LED’s. This means that unlike it’s predecessor you don’t have to worry about changing lamps. Always on, and one less issue concerning maintenance. This ranks highly for me.

Another upgrade on this model is the integration of electronic rev counting to replace mechanical limit switches. Mechanical anything WILL fail, it’s only a matter of time. Big thumbs up to ET Systems.

Let’s look at affordability – it beats the competition hands down. The price comes in at an avg of 20% less than any other Brand.

It’s a new concept controller – It will need to be given some time out in the real world to be ranked in the longevity department. Any call backs on newly installed units are recorded an notarized.  -I will report on that in due time.

Looking at the initial programming of this kit. It’s a whole new concept packed with plenty of functions. It is a tricky ordeal for the consumer and 1st time installer. Experienced installers will have no problem catching on how to do the over all setup. There is on little concern I have with this kit. The Limit learning procedure enforces STOP limits to find open and close positions – This on a roll up door is does not pan out. To the USER it will be nightmare to install.

I will keep this review updated as time goes on.

Editor – J. Venter

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