D5 Smart vs D5 Evo vs ET Drive 500 Comparison

I compare them from a maintenance cost and availability – Quality is determined over time and a bag full prerequisites must be met.

So I will not be doing a quality comparison – To me all the products are made the same way and put together with the same components from the same manufacturer somewhere in china. Your installer’s experience will determine the longevity of your chosen gate motor. 

This comparison is value for money, availability, support and functionality. Why pay for stuff you will never use right?

a Quick look at the differences an similarities between the Centurion D5 Evo, ET Drive 500 and D5 Smart gate motors. We are comparing gate motors within the domestic and gate max size of 500kg. 

I have listed the motors below, those listings contain more information, Installer’s notes and send estimate requests.

D5 SmartD5 EvoET Drive 500
Price est (motor only)689055005400
Max Gate Mass kg500500500
Speed m/min322424
PCB Replace229919801500
Power Supply Replacement1070699540
Battery cost every 2yrs850315315
Theft bracket12401029included
Controllerapp onlylcdlcd

My notes

D5 Smart – The mobile app connects via Bluetooth and it’s core functionality is to do initial setup and diagnose problems.

Includes Installation

Gate Motors

D5 Smart gate motor