D5 Smart In trouble

Centurion D5 Smart Troubleshooting

2 Years later (manufacturing date – 02/2020)

History of repairs:

Replaced set of batteries on 2 occasions. Had the power supply slash battery charger repaired and today 27th April 2022 a fault on the the controller.

The smart motor was completely unresponsive and system health was tip top according to the controller.


Message was, “gate lost” Run gate. Triggering the operator had no effect except gate lost message.

System Health display had no faults.

1st thing I did was to see if there were any firmware updates available, the systems firmware was up to date, then I tried running the setup wizard again. no reaction when the dc motor should be winding up.

Next – Check motor fuse manually, removing the fuse the controller immediately displayed an fuse error. a Good sign but not ‘the sign’

Fault finding:

Cold testing the fuse, battery voltage, battery amps and dc motor.

Everything tested ok.

There is only one component here that has misled us. The “smart controller” It did not read the dc motor at all, this was confirmed when I removed the motor wires from the controller, normally it would display “drive fault”

Smart things do go wrong and you will only get support during business hours and in between 3 to 4 days after log was submitted.

Dear Centurion System – Please could you add a feature to the app with support history, or repair history…. It would make our lives better.