Centurion D5 fault finding & troubleshoot

I’ve been a gate motor installer since 2004 ~ I have paid my school fees and pretty much diagnose your faulty D5 right away ~ providing you describe it’s exact symptoms.

TOP 5 D5 Gate Motor troubles

No 1 ~ Battery failure

  • Status light flashing ~ 3 times pause, 3 times pause
  • Speed reduced gradually and eventually stopped
  • Batter will test 12 and above voltage but this controller don’t care much for voltage ~ It seeks AMPS.
  • Typical battery lifespan ~ 18 to 24 months
  • The D5 uses the battery as primary source to operate ~ Mains power charges the battery as needed.

No 2 ~ Motor Fuse

  • New battery but it still just “clicks” ~ watch main Relays ~ again looking for amps to keep it relayed.
  • Change (not check) the (sand filled fuse) ~ checking it with standard circuit test meter gives false continuity.
  • Make sure to bend holding clamps closed before inserting new fuse

No 3 ~ Faulty Terminals

  • Check corrosion
  • Make sure it fits tight

No 4 ~ Origin Marker displaced

  • There will be a magnetic origin pick up mounted on the gate just above the rack – check that it is not loose and check the gap between it and the gate motor when passing to be not more that 20mm

Origin marker placement (i did not install the one in the images)

No 5 ~ Power failure (main)

  • Watch the status light, it will blink in sequence. 2 times pause.

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2 thoughts on “Centurion D5 fault finding & troubleshoot

  1. S.Fisher says:

    So I’ve got a D5 gate motor.. it has a range of issues.. 1. Manual override doesn’t seem to work anymore. It has essentially a bolt that you supposedly turn clockwise to engage but nothing happens..
    2. I’ve been stuck trying to diagnose the DOSS sensors. The gate suddenly lost limits and after taking the CP80 board out to clean it and test various components.. when I installed it again and went through the auto programming.. the gate sped open slightly about 40cm before stopping viciously and reversing stopping again and opening again and then reversing one more time before stopping slightly short. Any suggestions?

    • Jan says:

      Hello Mr Fischer,

      There are various D5 Models that use different DOSS pickups, Either way the speed up and sudden stop your are describing is most definitely with the doss sensor. Also, if you have the model with the sensor on top then I suggest you take apart the pickup rotor and check for oil debris on the rotor, clogged rotor holes will give inaccurate gate limits.

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