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Centurion D5 Evo Sliding Gate motor Product Review.

Centurion D5 Evo Review

Let’s start with some technical specifications relevant to the Avarage Joe, the D5 is rated to oparate gates up to 500kg. Me personally will never make a machine work at max capacity. The D5 Evo will serve a long time if max gate mass is kept under the 350kg mark. The D5 is perfect for residential use and perhaps lite traffic. I like the LCD on top of the controller and it does make fault finding easy for every one. The main battery in the D5 Evo under normal to heavy use will need replacing every 2nd year or so. The D5 Evo is very popular – To me it’s a bit over rated and Expensive. Why would you pay for features and functions if not ever to be used? Another concern is how expensive replacement parts are.

Overall – Good Quality, Good after sales and technical backup with the avg 24 month warranty.

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