Things I get to fix


Busy complex gate repairs and upgrades

Gate Motor Service Requested

Gate / Motor is noisy and unreliable.

But 1st, we fix the gate. An automatable gate is recommended. This gate required all moving parts to be removed, re-aligned and re commissioned, some needed to be replaced. 

Service on the Centurion D10 consists of cleaning out the frame and replacing the worn pinion gear.

Removed old wiring, and disconnected unused electronics. Simplified the “draadwerk”

The rail (rear) need a flat, wider footprint, it crosses a water drainage flow and it had over time ramped a “pothole effect” trench.

The rail (top) had corrugation resulting noise and shaking.

Project Report

1 Technician, 13 hours of labor – Material Used…. (to be continued)

Installations & Repairs

Repairs policy

  1. a call out to fix or repair or do fault finding do take recourses and it is covered by the callout fee. a call out fee apply when ever a technician is called out to a clients residence for whatever reason.
  2. No warranty on repairs as they ar always considered a temporary solution till the installation is done accordingly to manufacturers specifications.


Sliding gate wheels replaced

Gate wheels are important

a damaged or worn wheel puts excessive wear and tear on your gate motor and will damage it very quickly. 

Sliding Gate Wheels

New Gate wheels fitted

The new gate wheels I installed were done to be frictionless, friction is no ones friend.

Doing the Job

I can’t even…..

Doing the job right

Taking a bit more care and feeling proud about the little things. IRemoved over 2,5kg excess metal from this gate.

Gate wheels caused the damage

This wheel was caused a Gemini DC slider to heat up and draw so much current it would drain a new battery after the 3rd operation.  

Taking no chances

Replaced the following, wheels, Gemini SEL pcb and the battery. Doing this I am able to assure longevity of the motor.

Sliding Gate Rail Replaced – How do you?

Synopsys – Re install gate motor

My client called one morning and asked if I could “pop in” and have a look as he need to have a D10 Gate motor refitted.

Long story short, turns out the whole symmetric of the sliding gate install was all wrong. The gate motor would never have been reliable, or even fit for that matter.

After careful measurements it came down to sliding gate rail replacement.

no space for rack

How did it come to?

No Space for rack between gate and wall. The gate needed to have a minimum of 50mm gap to allow for the rack and the gate motor origin marker.

We needed the gate to shift 33mm to the right (picture) No more no less, no space on the right and a bandanna shaped gate determined this for me.

No Space

Challenges Faced

The “builder” or “installer” had no clue or lost his measuring tape. Nothing was predictable, like this measured 170mm, moving 5m on the length it narrowed all the way dawn to 135mm

The gate was not straight – It bends like a banana and the variable movement offset was – 130mm from the middle. INSANE, I have only 135mm space…..

Accredited By Centurion Systems

I have attended training and passed with flying colours and have the certificates here. Is your installer trained to work on your gate motor? Remember – It’s all about security.