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New Products

New Products

Centurion D10 Turbo Sliding gate Operator


The lightning-fast CENTURION D10 Turbo high-speed industrial sliding gate motor is the perfect solution for speed freaks to get their fix. Whether you’re just in a hurry, or seriously concerned about your security, there is no time wasted with the D10 Turbo high-speed industrial sliding gate motor at your gate. This beast will move a gate weighing up to 1000kg and, depending on the weight of the gate, can reach speeds of up to 50 meters per minute. It’s our fastest operator yet!

New Product – Centurion Wizo Link


WiZo-Link uses radio technology to create what is known as a mesh network. This may be described as a layer of radio communications (think of these as roads) where every device (WiZo-Link) is continually acting as a repeater for all the signals (the “traffic” or “vehicles” travelling on the “road”) in the network, even if these devices are not associated with that WiZo-Link.
Control your entire world with a single, centralised GSM unit
Bring your WiZo network to life by adding a CENTURION G-ULTRA GSM unit. All you’ll need is a single, centralized GSM unit to monitor and control all your WiZo-Linked appliances via your mobile phone*. This is a far more cost-effective solution than installing a GSM unit at every appliance that you’d like to monitor and/or control, and you’ll save a wad of cash on cabling and installation costs, not to mention the convenience of controlling your home from your phone.

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New Product – Soon Sectional garage door operator from ET | Nice


A garage door opener directly coupled to the torsion bar. This Can only mean smooth operation with less wear and tear as a result.  I also admire It’s compact size makes it sooo easy to install in tight spaces, I like it. I like it alot. 

It’s been on sale for some time now, just over 2 years. Why haven’t wee seen it or why does it not get recommended by the installers? The Answer is simple – Installers need that O-View communicator additionally in order to program and maintain the SOON GDO. The O-View is not cheap and I don’t see Installers going out their way to get it either. No Installer backing a very “NIce” product is left on the side.

I am Probably the only Installer this side of the Border that has one.

All that said, and moving on to what I don’t like. I personally don’t think much of the battery back up system. It proofed problematic with the Robus 250 & 500 Sliding gate motor models back then. If your main attraction to a new motor is back up battery? I will say stay away from this one.

I will definitely keep the SOON garage operator in stock. I Give this a BIG thumbs up and a recommendation to fortunate customers not affected by load shedding.

Well that’s it from me for now. Please do leave a comment or Question.