Best Gate Motor in South Africa


To answer that you need to ask yourself why? What is the single one reason you are looking to purchase a gate motor?

  • Safety?
  • Comfort?
  • Showing off?
  • Because neighbor has one?
  • Eskom?

The best gate motor available in the South Africa? Let’s Compare some stuff from manufacturers.

Domestic market

  • Max gate weight rated 500kg*
  • Battery back up.
  • 12vdc System
  • 20 or so operations per day

Consider the following when shopping for a Gate Motor

How long is the warranty?12 electronic / 24 mechanical1224
Do they offer a swap out for repairs?nonoyes
Are parts easy find?yesnoyes
Is it well documented?so soso soexcellent
Do they offer training for installer to install your product?noyesw certification
Part replacement cost comparison (battery charger)R457.00R190.70R718.10
How often do you need to replace the battery? (est in months)18 – 2412-1812 -18
Price for a Remote (est 4 btn)R210.00R295.00R365.00
Built in obstruction sensing methodforce detectionelectro mechanicaloptical and force detection
prices are estimated and does not include installation or delivery

Now that you are familiar with the manufacturers, let’s look at over complicated expensive problematic functions.

As an experienced installer I picked up the following

….[to be continued]

Now make your decision. Hope this helped ~ Ask me should you have any other Questions Ask Now