Thursday, May 24, 2018
Why Us? Minimize
What do we do?
  • New Gate & Garage Motor Installations.
  • Replace Existing gate & Garage motors.
  • Service existing gate & Garage motors.
  • Gate motor repairs done on site 85% of the time.
What makes us better?
  • Turn around time under 24h - New installations done 24h from deposit received
  • 6 month workmanship guarantee and on all work
  • All products installed by A1 Gate motor are manufactured in South Africa.
  • All product have a 1 year warranty from manufacturer. (some have 2 yr warranty)
  • We give 2 free call outs on new installations done by A1 Gate Motor valid for the 6 month workmanship warranty period.
  • We install JUST GATE & GARAGE MOTORS and makes us perfectly capable to handle any installation and equipped  for all scenarios.
  • We Take pride in our work.
  • Our quotes are given over the phone or via e-mail. (cuts out wasting time on site inspection where all that needs to be inspected could be done over the phone)
  • Quotes given are our final quotes. (no surprises).
  • Our Quotes may seem low- Quantity sold gives us the opportunity to pass on the good fortune.
  • In worst case scenario, if there are some things missed by us we will discuss it with our customer before any work done or part to be replaced to avoid a bill you are not ready for.
  • Please remember this dear consumers. You will get a a redicilously low quote.. remember this "IF IT IS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT USUALLY IS"
  • There are installers out there that will sell you a refurbished motor for a slightly lower price. Please be careful and make sure they open the SEALED by Manufacturer / Distributer box in front of you. We install only NEW Products.
Still not convinced?
  • On request we will randomly provide you with a recent customer telephone nr for references. (we have plenty of those)


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