Tuesday, October 06, 2015
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The GEMINI 12V dc domestic sliding gate motor is a self contained unit, which comprise of a single 12 Volt direct current electrical motor that drives the rack pinion through a reduction gearbox. The electrical motor, carrier bearing and associated components are mounted in a rust treated base box. The base box is secured to the base plate, which in turn is cemented or bolted to a concrete base. The complete unit is enclosed with a weather resistant lid. This motor is available in three models.


  •  GEMINI 130 DC-Slider 7.2aH - 600kg Gates (with max pull of 12kgf)
  • Onboard receiver
  • Electronic limit detection (no magnets, no springs and no stoppers)
  • Easy simple programming via dip switches
Motor KIT - R3199.00 (includes 2x remotes, 4m rack & Battery) excl delivery
Installation within Jhb & Pta - R4199.00 (includes full installation for a 4m gate with power source for the motor within 10m 


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