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Friday, August 17, 2018
Digidoor Sectional Garage Door Motors Minimize

Digidoor III

24V ACDC garage door operator with extended battery back up.

Benefits & Features

Operates Standard sectional, tip up and roll up doors

SuperHet receiver on board with Keeloq technology

Status Indicator

Audible Alert

Wall console with Open/Close, light control and lock switch

60-Watt security light

Auto Close Mode

Ease of Maintenance


Digi one

Digi one - the latest addition to the Digi family.  This Garage Door Operator boasts a 1000N lifting capacity.  The unit comes with 2 x Digi ekey transmitters in the box, which use Keeloq code hopping technology.  The unit comes standard with electronic obstacle sensing and manual override.  It boasts a super bright courtesy light - which will ensure you are not left in the dark. 



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