Friday, August 17, 2018
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  • Patented Wheel system.
  • Dramatically reduces sliding gate noise.
  • Reduces Rail wear and corrugations.
  • High Quality wheel bracket - laser cut, CNC bent and electroplated.
  • Wheel Bracket designed to last the life of the gate.
  • Steel wheel incorporates polymer hub, absorbing shock and extending bearing life.
  • Retaining clips centre the wheel and eliminate side wall friction.
  • Quick change "Click in / out" wheels (can be purchased separately).
  • Rubber sealed bearings.
  • Patented suspension system can be adjusted according to weight of gate (Up to 400Kg).
  • Ideal for high speed gates.
  • Angle or round rails (16mm round bar recommended)
  • For very heavy gates, duel wheels can be fitted in tandem. The suspension system ensures the load is shared evenly.
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